Soul Space Community

We're Creating a Girlboss Empire.

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Soul Space Community

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What is the Soul Space Community?

We're a collaborative group of female entrepreneurs in the NC Triad and beyond coming together to make change in the world of entrepreneurship,

and connect with other like-minded individuals in a place where creativity, empathy, and productivity coexist.

We’re all about partnering together to support and encourage each other, build our businesses, network, and collaborate. 

We believe strongly in the importance of 


and building a positive community based on respect, trust, and honesty.


  •   A supportive network of women to learn from, build relationships with, collaborate with, and help you succeed
      Our Community is powered online by Mighty Networks. We can build relationships, interact regularly, contribute, collaborate, and empower each other without being limited by geography.      Being on Mighty Networks also means we have our own mobile app, making it even easier to connect & support our tribe.

  • Online support to stay connected {& hopefully bring in more business for us all}      
      Includes things like: Partner listing on our website, Partner features, Referrals, Posting & advertising through social media & at the Soul Space Studio, Hosting events together, and more!

  • Meetups, Business workshops, and Social events you can attend each month, as well as exclusive Partner Coworking Days

  • Discounted access to classes + creative workshops hosted by other Partners at the Soul Space Studio

  • and Free & Discounted Space Bonuses!:

    • 1 Free Weekday Daytime Event Rental Per Month in the Soul Space Flexspace

    • 1 Free Drop-in Coworking Day Per Month in the Soul Space Coworking Studio

    • Discounts on Evening & Weekend Rentals

    • First-dibs and discounts on renting offices or workspace

If you're a female entrepreneur looking to build your Tribe and truly connect with other women going after their passion --

We invite you to Join our Community!

NO drama.

NO bs.

Just REAL women coming together to be REAL.

It's rough out there. Let's stick together.

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Soul Space Community is powered by Mighty Networks
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